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20 Tips for Slot Machine Playing

Locate the Best Slot battleship_240x1641. You want to be sure you'll have a good chance to win, so take a number of different casinos, and look at the payouts for each one. Pick the casino with the highest payout figures. Then, if you can, drill further into the data on each individual slot machine on the site, and find the one with the best payout. Look for a percentage figure in the mid...
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Intercasino Christmas Snowfall Sweepstake Promotion

It’s that time of year again and Intercasino are offering a fantastic promotion worth 27,000 Euros! The prizes include a luxury winter ski holiday package for 2 including hotels, flights and cash in hand! And if that wasn’t enough you can also get the chance to win a brand new 11 inch Macbook air worth £1000, a new ipad air and Samsung galaxy and last but not least 7000 Euros in casino credits. Click on the banner below to take part in the competition!...
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Top Winners at Casinos, Strike It Rich Online!

casino  We have heard some crazy stories about people winning life changing amounts of cash at online casinos. A few of us do actually strike it rich at online casinos! We have compiled at list of the biggest winners of the past few years, Enjoy and hopefully one day it will be you that strikes it rich online! £5.88 Million - Mega Moolah/Dark Knight (ButlersBingo) - John Orchard The...
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Exclusive BetFred High Roller Bonus!

You won't get to walk down a red carpet, but when you sign up for its casino games, BetFred will do everything else it can to make you feel like a high roller. The odds of winning tend to remain static no matter where you go, so it makes sense to look for a firm that offers that special VIP treatment in addition to hosting a set of damn fine games. Sign up with BetFred, and you'll get a stunning high roller bonus to set you along the path to riches. The deal is that you deposit at least a thousand pounds. This then gives you the option of accepting the £500 High Roller bonus. Say yes, and the money is yours. As with all of these deals, there...
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The Invention Of The Slot Machine And The History Of Slots

casinoWhile most gambling games can trace their roots back hundreds - in some cases, thousands - of years, the birth of slot machines dates back merely to 1891. This was a time when America was getting richer and richer, with New York beginning to stake a claim for being the wealthiest city on earth. On the back of all this cash came an inevitable increase in gambling, and a poker craze...
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The History Of Land Based Casinos

European Origins - Baden-Baden and Monte Carlo Many casino gcasinoames may have developed in the backrooms and summerhouses of rich patrons in England, France and Italy (the word 'casino' itself comes from the Italian for 'little house), but it's the spas of southern Germany that took the first major step towards the creation of the modern casino. These early venues included Bad-Homburg,...
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Gamble Your Way to Oktoberfest

octoberfisrt1We all know that gambling and beer don't mix. But what about gambling followed by beer? Well, of course, the answer's obvious there too.  And InterCasino is currently running a special offer (for those in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands, Poland, and the Czech...
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Ancient Forms Of Gambling, The History And Evolution

casinoGambling as a pastime may stretch back thousands of years, with some ancient cave drawings hinting at chance-based games - certainly, bone tossing seems to have developed into the dice used by the Greeks and Romans. Many of today's games, though, seem to have had their origins not in pleasure, but in more functional pursuits. The Norwegian and Swedish kings may have thrown dice in...
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A Guide To Playing Blackjack

History of Blackjack Blackjack seems to be a French invention, possibly developing from Chemin de Fer (Baccarat) in the early 18th century. Originally called Vingt-et-Un, in a reference to the fact that the best score you can achieve with a hand is 21, the modern name of Blackjack probably originates from the 1930s. Many Nevada casinos tried to increase its popularity by offering a special 10 to 1 payout where a hand included a 'blackjack' - the Ace of Spades plus either the Jack of Spades or Jack of Clubs.
That payout is no longer available, but the name remains. Today, a 'blackjack' is a starting hand including an Ace and a card with a score of 10 (Ten, Jack, Queen or King). Blackjack is famous as the game that spawned the 'card-counter'. Because a deck has only a finite number of different cards within it, it's sometimes possible to get an advantage if you watch what's already been dealt. If lots of low cards have appeared already, that theoretically means that most of the remaining cards should be high, and vice versa. Card counters learn to look for these situations and then act when the odds seem to be in their favour.

Blackjack, with its system of discarding cards after use, was particularly open to counting. Edward O Thorp's 1962 best-seller Beat the Dealer revealed the maths behind this arcane profession, and sparked off wave after wave of card counting crews. Admittedly, card counting is hard to do, and casinos made lots of money from players drawn to the game by the promise of a 'winning system'. Nonetheless, players like Stanford Wong and Lawrence Revere would become famous for their professional and successful approach to a game that, supposedly, can't be beaten.

Basic Rules of Blackjack Two cards are dealt to the dealer, and to each of the players. Regardless of how many are playing in a game of blackjack, an individual will only ever compete against the dealer, not the other players.

The aim is to get a hand that adds up to a higher score than that of the dealer.

21 is the best score you can achieve.
If the hand exceeds 21, the player (or dealer) goes bust. The cards from 2 - 10 are assigned values equivalent to their face value.

Jacks, Queens and Kings all score 10.

The Ace is more unusual, as this card can carry a score of either 1 or 11.

The player theoretically decides which of the scores the ace is worth, although the dealer will usually assume the value that adds up to the strongest hand.

An opening hand of ace and a ten-point card is a blackjack.

A player with a blackjack automatically wins, although the game may continue if there are other players involved.

Assuming neither you nor the dealer have a blackjack, each of the players will now be given the choice of 'standing' or 'hitting'. 'Standing' means settling for the hand that you already have.

Alternatively, you can 'hit', which means that you'll be dealt another card.

Provided the total of your new hand doesn't exceed 21, you now have the choice of standing or hitting once more.

In most casinos, you can choose to be 'hit' with new cards for as long as your total remains at 21 or below - overplay it and exceed 21, though, and you're bust. An additional option is to double down, which means doubling your bet, but opting to receive just one further card.

After the player has finished, the dealer will then play their hand according to strict rules.

They must keep hitting until they reach 17 or higher.

Assuming they haven't gone bust, they must stand as soon as they reach 17 or higher, regardless of whether they have a losing hand or not.

Some casinos will insist on the dealer opting to hit if they have a 'soft 17'. That's a 17 that contains an ace and that could be construed as being worth 7 rather than 17 - eg, A6, A33, A42.

Live Dealer vs RNG (Random Number Generation) Blackjack

Live Dealer Blackjack allows you to see live video of the cards being dealt by a genuine dealer.

You can often interact with the dealer and with other players in the game. While this may add some pressure, it also increases the social aspect, and lets you share triumph and disaster with others, rather than 'experiencing' everything alone. Live Dealer games are also considered to have more integrity. It's theoretically easier for a crooked casino to fudge random numbers than it is to fake live video without being detected.

Also, because you're generally playing alongside others, there's less chance that the casino is targeting you and trying to make you lose. Those hoping to count cards will also prefer the Live version, although it's questionable whether the technique can really be applied here.

On the other hand, Live Dealer games do take longer. On RNGs, you can cut down on the bells and whistles and just stack up lots of games. Conversely, you can often pause and deliberate for long periods before making your decision. The pace is down to you.

Tips to Get Started Whether to hit or to stand can give you some real dilemmas.

To win over the long term, you should generally hit on 8 or less, and stand on 17 or higher.

Where the hand is a 10 or 11, it generally pays to double down.

The other hands, though, are down to you.

If your original hand was a pair (eg, two 5s), you'll have the option of 'splitting' them.

This means you double your bet, and effectively get to play both hands through individually, giving you two chances of victory rather than one. Statistically, As, 8s and 9s are likely to lead to victory if split. 4s and 5s, though, should be avoided.

If the dealer's first card is an ace, the player has the option of taking 'Insurance'.

This means putting on an extra bet, usually half of the value of your starting bet. If the dealer draws a card scoring 10 and gets a blackjack, the player loses their initial stake, but gets double the extra bet as compensation.

This generally means that the player breaks even. However, you're effectively taking a payout of 2 to 1 when there's only a 30.8% chance of a blackjack coming up. Insurance is a losing proposition. Ignore it, unless you're a card counter who knows lots of high cards are due.