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20 Tips for Slot Machine Playing

Locate the Best Slot battleship_240x1641. You want to be sure you'll have a good chance to win, so take a number of different casinos, and look at the payouts for each one. Pick the casino with the highest payout figures. Then, if you can, drill further into the data on each individual slot machine on the site, and find the one with the best payout. Look for a percentage figure in the mid...
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Intercasino Christmas Snowfall Sweepstake Promotion

It’s that time of year again and Intercasino are offering a fantastic promotion worth 27,000 Euros! The prizes include a luxury winter ski holiday package for 2 including hotels, flights and cash in hand! And if that wasn’t enough you can also get the chance to win a brand new 11 inch Macbook air worth £1000, a new ipad air and Samsung galaxy and last but not least 7000 Euros in casino credits. Click on the banner below to take part in the competition!...
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Top Winners at Casinos, Strike It Rich Online!

casino  We have heard some crazy stories about people winning life changing amounts of cash at online casinos. A few of us do actually strike it rich at online casinos! We have compiled at list of the biggest winners of the past few years, Enjoy and hopefully one day it will be you that strikes it rich online! £5.88 Million - Mega Moolah/Dark Knight (ButlersBingo) - John Orchard The...
Read more                                         26,Nov 2013
Exclusive BetFred High Roller Bonus!

You won't get to walk down a red carpet, but when you sign up for its casino games, BetFred will do everything else it can to make you feel like a high roller. The odds of winning tend to remain static no matter where you go, so it makes sense to look for a firm that offers that special VIP treatment in addition to hosting a set of damn fine games. Sign up with BetFred, and you'll get a stunning high roller bonus to set you along the path to riches. The deal is that you deposit at least a thousand pounds. This then gives you the option of accepting the £500 High Roller bonus. Say yes, and the money is yours. As with all of these deals, there...
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The Invention Of The Slot Machine And The History Of Slots

casinoWhile most gambling games can trace their roots back hundreds - in some cases, thousands - of years, the birth of slot machines dates back merely to 1891. This was a time when America was getting richer and richer, with New York beginning to stake a claim for being the wealthiest city on earth. On the back of all this cash came an inevitable increase in gambling, and a poker craze...
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The History Of Land Based Casinos

European Origins - Baden-Baden and Monte Carlo Many casino gcasinoames may have developed in the backrooms and summerhouses of rich patrons in England, France and Italy (the word 'casino' itself comes from the Italian for 'little house), but it's the spas of southern Germany that took the first major step towards the creation of the modern casino. These early venues included Bad-Homburg,...
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Gamble Your Way to Oktoberfest

octoberfisrt1We all know that gambling and beer don't mix. But what about gambling followed by beer? Well, of course, the answer's obvious there too.  And InterCasino is currently running a special offer (for those in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands, Poland, and the Czech...
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Ancient Forms Of Gambling, The History And Evolution

casinoGambling as a pastime may stretch back thousands of years, with some ancient cave drawings hinting at chance-based games - certainly, bone tossing seems to have developed into the dice used by the Greeks and Romans. Many of today's games, though, seem to have had their origins not in pleasure, but in more functional pursuits. The Norwegian and Swedish kings may have thrown dice in...
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Gambling Awareness & Help

For most of us, gambling is a pleasant pastime, a way of whiling away the time when we're not working, or perhaps a method of injecting extra excitement into a televised game that we're watching. Many of us can think of times when we've gone on the chase, placing stupid bets in an attempt to make back our day's losses. Generally it ends there. But for a for a few unfortunate people, the odd bout of indiscipline is just a prelude to a descent into gambling hell. The impulse to bet again and again takes over, and the player splashes their money on anything and everything they can get a price on, stopping only when their funds have been slashed to zero.

While drug and alcohol addiction now receives plenty of attention and sympathy from parts of society, a gambling habit is often seen as rather more frivolous, a lifestyle choice that loungers and spongers opt into - and, supposedly, can opt out of at any time. In reality, the different types of addiction are different strains of the same problem, and a gambling junkie needs an understanding ear just as much as somebody with a drugs or drink habit.

At the forefront of the movement to change hearts and minds on this subject is GamCare. This company has spearheaded campaigns to advise not just gamblers themselves, but authorities and businesses - it has even trained casino staff to recognise problem gamblers and take action. The company's Gambleaware web-site is stuffed with information, and a number of carefully researched pages give tips and advice about understanding, identifying and handling gambling addiction. The quiz lets you determine whether you're letting your betting run away with you, while the online calculator makes it easy to estimate your likely spending and losses, often bringing home the cold hard truth about the true cost of your seemingly harmless pastime.

For those with serious problems, though, a few pages of advice probably won't be enough. Luckily, GamCare runs a free telephone hotline and online service from 8 am to midnight, seven days a week, ensuring that addicts have a friendly but practical voice ready to help them tackle their demons. These are manned by experienced counsellors who can remain neutral and non-judgemental at all times. GamCare also offers Face to Face counsellors, giving gamblers and their family a more substantial form of contact that allows them to fully discuss the issues, and explore the options open to them.

Also of immense use are the forums on GamCare's site. These allow addicts and their friends and family to read stories and advice posted by people who've been there and come through it. It may help for problem gamblers to see that they're not alone, and that lots of other people up and down the country are struggling with the same compulsions. In many cases, being faced with other people's hard luck stories will be the best way of recognising that action has to be taken.

Most gambling sites now have self-exclusion options, and many also let you adjust the amount you can deposit or lose over a certain time period. Problem gamblers should make strong use of these facilities.